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Albrecht on Soil Balancing: The Albrecht Papers Volume 7 by William A. Albrecht Ph.D. ed. by Charles Walters

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Albrecht on Soil Balancing, Volume seven is a great addition to The Albrecht Papers series.

In this volume of William A. Albrecht’s research, he explains the interconnection between soil, plants and animals. The importance of a balance equation is also revealed in these papers - it isn’t enough to have nutrient to soil connections, it is the ratio of one element to another that counts.

And Albrecht reinforces the adage; an ounce of prevention in the form of balanced plant nutrition from fertile soils is better than a pound of cure using dangerous poisons.

 Albrecht’s work provides an indispensable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable, ecologically responsible agriculture.

227 pages, softcover.

ISBN: 9781601730299

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