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Healthy Soils, Sick Soils: Understanding the Nature of Humus & How it Functions in Farming Systems by Margareth Sekera


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Farmers and Gardeners, Revive the life in your Soil.

Now available in English for the first time, this popular 1943 treatise on biology and biologically correct working of soil from the pen of the famous soil scientist Prof. Dr. Franz Sekera, carefully edited and expanded by his wife, scientist Margareth Sekera, over the years, has long been beloved by farmers and soils scientists in its original German.

Starting with the basic concepts of “tilth” and “soil structure” and moving along to the symptoms of unhealthy soil and the behavior of plants on non-friable fields, Sekera investigates the complex interrelationships in the soil as well as the practical measures to preserve and improve soil tilth.

The book, Healthy Soil, Sick Soils was intended to be a small contribution to the agricultural field’s understanding of soil, but thanks to the suggestions and recommendations of farmers of the years, it has evolved into so much more. 

Translated by Paul Lehmann

Franz Sekera (1899-1955) was commissioned in 1939 with the leadership of the University of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna’s newly established Insititue of Soil Biology and Plant Nutrition. In 1942 he was appointed as full professor. From then on he devoted himself to biological problems of soil fertility and tilth. This book is his legacy in the fields of science and agriculture, true to his motto: “Always with nature and never against it”. His wife, researcher Margareth Sekera, revised and extended the book multiple times after the death of her husband, incorporating scientific and agricultural advances as well as the recommendations of many farmers.

ISBN 9781601731265

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