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Mainline Farming for Century 21: Lessons in Reams-Method Agronomy by Dan Skow D.V.M & Charles Walters


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Mainline Farming for Century 21 is a graduate course in agriculture. It does not settle for tip-toeing beyond the conventional, it takes bold strides - and it answers what the farmer wants to know, all the while demolishing the mythology on which toxic rescue chemistry has been built.

Few people have asked and answered the right questions with total consistency of Dr Dan Skow. His teacher was the late Dr Carey Reams, and the lessons Skow learned - and improved upon - are important ones.

They led him to a full appreciation of cause and effect, the role of precedence - every phenomenon or act preceding another - called cause.

The scientific system cannot function without honest addivity, namely units of measurement that have equal intervals and an absolute zero.

Mainline Farming for Century 21 teaches how to measure fertility down to the atomic level and project forward bins and bushels with brix high enough to confer immunity to fungal, bacterial and insect attack - and to ward off weeds.

Softcover, 206p

ISBN 9780911311273

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