Becoming a Biodynamic Farmer Gardener: A Handbook for Prospectives by Gardener, Malcom & Susan

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Becoming a Biodynamic Farmer or Gardener: A Handbook for Prospective Trainees by Gardner and Gardner:

This 95 page handbook for prospective trainees contains extensive information on training opportunities worldwide, developing a curriculum, farm safety, and more.

A worthwhile resource for both trainees and mentors.

The authors provides you with a general overview of the various possible paths to becoming a biodynamic farmer or gardener. Offering many practical suggestions for acquiring a full biodynamic training even where there are no formal training programs established.


  • Surveying your training options
  • Developing your own curriculum
  • Arranging an internship or apprenticeship
  • Making the most of your training
  • Appendixes:
  • Biodynamic training opportunities in North America and beyond
  • Checklists of skills
  • "In defence of ‘old-fashioned training’ by Hartmut von Jeetze
  • Sample agreements and related information
  • Managing conflict
  • Keeping a farm journal
  • Farm safety and health tips
  • References and resources

2007, Version 1.4 Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc. US

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