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Science in Agriculture: Advanced methods for sustainable farming by Dr Arden B. Andersen


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Advanced methods for sustainable farming.
A sophisticated professional farming system designed to ehance biological activity in the soil, provide energy to the crop and build internal resistance to pests and diseases.

By ignoring the truth, ag-chemical enthusiasts are able to claim that pesticides and herbicides are necessary to feed the world. But science points out that low-to-mediocre crop production, weed, disease, and insect pressures are all symptoms of nutritional imbalances and inadequacies in the soil. Science in Agriculture is a concise recap of the main schools of thought that make up eco-agriculture — all clearly explained.

Gain a working knowledge of chemistry, physics, and plant biology as applied to agriculture. Discover what weeds are trying to tell you about your soil's fertility needs. Learn how to design and implement a program to produce crops, pastures, turf, landscape or ornamentals of balanced nutritional and mineral content. Both farmer and professional consultant will benefit from this important work.

Softcover 376 pages
ISBN: 9780911311358

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