Gardens of Europe: A travellers guide by Charles Quest-Ritson

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European gardens have flourished for over 2000 years and provided the greatest single influence upon gardening throughout the world.  

This new and authoritative guide is a comprehensive survey ranging from Ireland to Georgia and from Russia to Sicily—the first such guide since the opening up of central and eastern Europe. It embraces the vast sweep of Europe’s horticultural and landscape heritage and is an unrivalled reference to the major gardens accessible to the public as well as notable private gardens. 

All types of gardens are examined, including ancient Roman, Moorish, baroque, English Landscape, the giardini segreti of renaissance Italy, flower gardens, woodland gardens and cutting-edge modern gardens.

Organised by country, The Gardens of Europe includes over 600 gardens and approx 570 colour photographs and provides the definitive reference to most of the great gardens of the world.

It also contains a Plants Collections Guide to enable travellers to find collections of their favourite plants and a convenient shortlist of the great gardens of Europe for those with limited time.

Hardcover ISBN: 9781876473303

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