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Food Power from the Sea: The Seaweed Story by Lee Fryer and Dick Simmons


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The classic guide to the benefits of seaweed fertilisers in gardening and farming 

For decades, America has struggled with a serious food energy dilemma: conventional farming practices with their heavy reliance on petrochemicals consume 2000 cubic feet of gas to make the nitrogen needed for one acre of Midwestern corn. American farms and gardens account for about 360 billion cubic feed of natural gas per year to make their fertilisers, and industrial farming and food production are in head-on competition with transport and home heating for their energy supplies.

Food Power from the Sea tells us how we can produce our food by using seaweed, fish-based products and organic wastes to replace the diminishing supply of gas and oil.

Lee Fryer and Dick Simmons tell readers how to:

  • Make "liquid" sunshine to extend growing seasons, harden plants and make them bloom on time
  • Blend seaweed and fish to make balanced fertilisers that can replace petrochemical-based inputs
  • Use seaweed hormones (cytokinins) to improve photosynthesis in plants and increase crop yields
  • Use seaweed sprays instead of toxic pesticides to protect plants from insects and disease
  • Covert carp and other 'waste' fish into an annual 50 million gallons of deluxe fertiliser.

This publication of Food Power from the Sea makes a timeless classic of eco-agriculture once again available to the public. The knowledge contained in its pages will be of value not only to farmers and gardeners, but to every food consumer as well.

Softcover, 220 pages

ISBN: 9780911311884

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