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Eco Technology Vol 3: Fertile Earth, The - Nature's Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry ~ by Viktor Schauberger (Callum Coats)

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Nature’s Energies in Agriculture, Soil Fertilisation and Forestry

The Third volume in Eco-Technology.

How does nature work?
When one looks closely at the enormously complex web of life, it is impossible not to be caught by the wonder of how all-living things – yes including rocks and crystals – are interconnected.
Just as there is thought behind action, so there is energy behind matter. Schauberger is able to demonstrate how Nature works because he has been able to observe and describe how its energies manifest and produce the material world.

This, the third volume in the eco-technology series, contains Schauberger’s writings on trees, biodynamic agriculture and subtle energies in nature. It answers questions like why are so many species of plant and animals disappearing?

An industrial civilisation lurches towards ecological meltdown; Schauberger’s prescient ideas and discoveries will be closely examined by all who seek to find a way for humanity to live in harmony, rather than conflict with Nature – Ralph Metzner.

Translated and edited by Callum Coats


Editor's Introduction


1. A Different View of Natural Phenomena

Nature's Secrets Unveiled: In Transmutation Lies Eternity
Does an insuperable force of gravity actually exist?
Weightlessness prevails over gravity
Decomposive energy triggers cancer.
Effect of Earth's orbit on weight of growing things
Distinguishing a genuine emulsion from one created by ultrasound
The creation of higher-quality products of emulsion
Conditions under which eggs, seeds and cells can develop
How is a bird able to become temporarily independent of the ground?
All life emerges from the ur-form of the Egg
How did Aquatic Plants Originally Escape from
The Medium of Water
What Role Does Water, as a Carrier, Play in these Formative & Transformative Processes?
What is to be Understood by a Biological Vacuum?
What is Planetary Mass-Motion?
Life is Indestructible
All Growth Must be Preceded by Decomposition
She Half-Pulled Him Down; He Half-Sank on Her
How Can the Existence of These Reciprocities Actually be Proven?
Distinguishing Magnetically Charged Water from Water with the Opposite Potential?
The Discovery of a New Highly Potent Form of Energy
A Small Different View of Atomic Fission
New Concepts of Electricity
How Does Lighting Occur?

2. The Influence of Temperature & Water Movement

(on Forestry, Water Resources Management & the Formation of Structures)

The Formation of Structures
The Dying Forest
The Circulation of Water Inside the Earth & the Associated Supply of Nutritive Matter
The effects of Groundwater Removal
Incorrect Metabolism Destroys the Quality of Water
The Secret of the Trout Motor

3. Forestry - Agriculture - The Energy Industry

The Forest
The Energy Industry
The First Doubts
The Timber Industry, Forestry & Wood Production
The forest & Its Significance
The Dying Forest - a Peril of Central Europe
The Dangerous Sinking of the Groundwater Table
Detrimental Technological Influences

4. The Dying Forest

Nature's Increasing Baldness
How the Farmer uses his Scythe & Sharpens it by Hammering
How the Cow Grazes
About the Wild Boar
Concerning Dew-Drops
How the Forest Sustains Itself
Concerning the Russian Cotton Industry
The Dying Forest (Part Two)
A Global Perspective
The Tree as a Water-Factory
Wooden or Copper-Plated Ploughs
The Effect of Iron Ploughs
The Heart of the Plant

5. Timber & Water in the Building Industry

Caution in the Use of Timber in the Building Industry
The Character of Water in the Building Industry
Constructional Defects & their Prevention
Lost Knowledge of Timber Growth & Quality

6. Agriculture - Soil Fertilisation - Increased Productivity

Noble Fertilisation with the Aid of Planetary Motion
The Planetary Movement of Mass
Bio-Ecological Agriculture
Increase in Soil Productivity
Life Force & Natural Fertiliser
The Earthworm Sanatorium
Building Compost Heaps
White Juvenile Earth
Concerning the Treatment of the Soil
Natural Farm Husbandry
Some Pertinent References to "Tonsingen" & the Use of the Water Barrels
Frequency Activation
A Biological Hint
Copper Water
Re-enlivening Sick Fields
Experiments with Copper Implements in Agriculture
Field Trials at Farmleithen-Gut Heuberg


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