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Eco Technology Vol 2: Nature As Teacher by Viktor Schauberger (Callum Coats)

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CLEARANCE - Not Restocking


“New principles in the working of nature”

Volume II of Eco-Technology


Today we are standing helpless and perplexed. With no glimmer of improvement anywhere in sight, we feel hopelessly propelled towards a forlorn future. It is understandable therefore that an increasing number of people, sick and tired of this insane activity, are now seeking ways to return to Mother Nature – Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958)


Viktor Schauberger was one of the first genuine environmentalists.

In the 1930s he was predicting ecological catastrophe when no one else could see it coming. Schauberger is now being proved right. He foresaw:

Global warming and its devastating consequences

Increasing violent and lawlessness as a direct result of destruct methods which block nature’s energies and balance the destruction of the world’s forest and ecosystems.


This and the fact that he developed free energy machines through harnessing the magical processes of Nature, has made Viktor Schauberger truly a man of our times.


Following the success of The Water Wizard (Vol 1 in the Eco-Techology series), Nature as Teacher details Schauberger’s thinking about environmental catastrophe. It includes correspondence with contemporaries and, in particular, his feelings of frustration at the blindness of those in the mainstream science who seemed to him to be more concerned with their own welfare and their pride than with the fate of humanity.


This volume gives tremendous insight into what is happening on the Earth today and present practical solutions on how we may yet save our precious world. Most telling is Schauberger’s elucidation of the vital natural cycles that modern unthinking technologies have interrupted and harmed, sometimes irreparably.

Translated and edited by Callum Coats




1. Our Senseless Toil (1933)
The Achievements of the Twentieth Century
Progress through Transformation of the Atom - not it's Destruction!
The Disruption Cycle - The Cause of the Crisis
Nature Protects Herself
The Laws of Nature
Nature's Rhythmical Processes
Nature Operates only Indirectly
Questions for Science
The Error of Civilisation
Concerning Micro-Organisms the Road to Free Energy
Water in Ritual, in Life & in Medicine
Our Senseless Toil - Conclusion
Let the Upheaval Begin
2. Nature As Teacher
Nature As Teacher
The Odsee Rumbles
The Fish-Eagle
The Swing
The Trout
The Ox
Dancing Logs & Stones
The Interchange of Substances in Nature
3. The First Eco-Technical Practice
The First Eco-Technical Practice
Experience is only Gained the Hard Way
The Winding Way to Wisdom
Excommunication - & Little Wandering Springs
Return to Culture
4. The Genesis of Water
The Genesis of Water
The Increase in Production
Temperature & the Movement of Water
Flowing Biomagnetism
The Dethronement of Science
Water - An Enigma whose Solution is as Far Away as the Stars
The Shattering of Quality
The Energetic Phenomenon above the Zone of Air
World Domination through the Destruction of Quality
The Repulsator & the Superabundance of Food
Our Motion is Wrong

5. On Energy, Eggs & Natural Motion
The Coming Bio-Ecotechnical Age
Movement & Forms
Bio-Ecological Technology
The Age-Old Secret of the Atom
The Implosive Process of Breathing
Secret of the Atom - Conclusion
Life-Force & Animating Energies
The Mechanical Generation of Life-Force
Is There Perpetual Motion?
The Motion of the Earth - The Cause of Radiation - The Resurrection Life
The Secret of the Egg-Form

6. Organic Syntheses
Organic Syntheses
The False World View
Growth & Seed Production as the Natural Goal of Evolution
Formative & Destructive Syntheses
False & Faulty Management
The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat
Knowledge & Science
Naturalesque Activity
Goethe as Biologist
The Creation of Impulsion & Expulsion through Cycloid Motion
Physics & Metaphysics
The Most Iniquitous Deception
The Birth of Basic Elements & Subtle Matter
The Group of Metaphysical Pressural Elements
The Group of Metaphysical Tractive or Suctional Elements
A General Explanation of "Plasmolytic Motion"
Organic Syntheses - Conclusion
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