No Dig Gardening & Leaves of Life by Esther Dean

$20.95 inc GST

Since 1975, Esther Deans’ classic books, "No-Dig Gardening" and "Leaves of Life" have inspired thousands of people to grow their own vegetables and flowers at home.

Now a whole new generation of readers can learn all about Esther’s unique techniques – about her straw garden; about comfrey – the miracle herb – and cannibal snails; and about the many creatures which carry pollen from flower to vegetable across the garden.

Those who are not gardeners will be inspired to try Esther’s wonderful methods. In this new edition of these old favourites you too can discover how to build and look after your own no-dig garden – and enjoy the rewards it will bring you.

Softcover, 160p.
ISBN 9780732270995


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