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Bread From Stones by Julius Hensel


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This book was the first work to attack Von Liebig’s salt fertiliser thesis, and it stands as valid today as when first written over 100 years ago. Conventional agriculture is still operating under misconceptions disproven so eloquently by Hensel so long ago.

In addition to the classic text, comments by John Hamaker and Phil Callahan add meaning to the body of the book. Many who stand on the shoulders of this giant have yet to acknowledge Hensel.

The book is designed to introduce people to the idea that plants require healthy food in order to flourish, just a human being does. It describes a then new and rational system for fertilisation which has become science today - fertilising with stone dust. Hensel went searching for food for plants and found it in primeval rocks. Fed on such foods, plants will yield healthy, wholesome and life sustaining food that escapes disease and parasites.

A true classic of agriculture.

Softcover, 102pages
ISBN: 9780911311303

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