Albrecht on Calcium: The Albrecht Papers Volume 5 by William A. Albrecht Ph.D. ed. by Charles Walters

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Albrecht on Calcium - The Albrecht Papers Volume 5

This valuable collection of essays reveals the insights of a brillant soil scientist ahead of his time.

In this volume 5, readers will find a carefully organised and convincing explanation of the relationship between calcium and soil fertility. It is not possible to discuss calcium, which Albrecht proclaims as the "King of Nutrients" without being led into the entire mosaic that Albrecht considers biologically correct farming.

Albrecht's work provides an indespensable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable, ecologically responsible agriculture - his teachings are more critical today than ever.

Softcover, 291p
ISBN: 9781601730220
Published 2011
By William A. Albrecht Ph.D

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