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Building Soils Naturally: Innovative Methods for Organic Gardeners by Phil Nauta


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How to create an organic garden exploding with life, diversity & exceptionally nutrient-dense food!

In an organic garden, plants in optimum health thrive abundantly, have harvests with amazing taste, and have the ability to fight off plant predators.

When they don't there's often something lacking in their proper nutrition, they are missing beneficial microorganism companions, or they are short of the energy needed to reach their full nutrient-dense potential. The solution is to "start with the soil." But healthy soil doesn't happen just by composting, fertilizing or companion planting alone.

The solution is in Building Soils Naturally, where gardeners will find a hands-on plan of how to create productive, living soil by using a practical holistic approach - crafted right in your garden. 

About the author:

Phil Nauta completed a certificate in Organic Landscape Management from Gaia College and later taught courses there. He has received Permaculture Design and Sustainable Building and design certificates and become a certified Organic Land Care Professional.

Softcover, 303 pages. 
ISBN: 9781601730336

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