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Earthworms in Australia, by David Murphy


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Convert your household compost into a nutrient rich fertiliser.

A comprehensive guide for gardeners, farmers, conservationists and worm farmers.

We all know worms are good for gardens - but what else are they good for?

  • They can convert your household compost heap into a Clean Machine which never needs to be turned, never fills up and provides a constant supply of nutrient-rich vermicast for your garden.
  • They can turn human and animal wastes into hygienic and odourless castings which can be used to improve the soil.
  • They can process all the organic waste which is sent to landfill tips, saving municipal councils millions of dollars a year.
  • They can regenerate our land, reducing farmers' overheads by minimising the need for manufactured fertilisers and deep ploughing.
  • They can replace chemically driven sewage works.
  • They can decontaminate soils polluted with heavy metals.
  • As a small business they can provide a living wage.

All this time, the answer has been under our feet!

Using the very latest information from the world's leading agricultural research centres (including Australia's own CSIRO), Earthworms in Australia provides a comprehensive and easily understood guide for gardeners, farmers, conservationists and aspiring worm farmers.

Author David Murphy, a tanner by trade, first became interested in the earthworm for its potential in the disposal of waste produced in his business. Six years on, he amassed a practical knowledge of worms and their uses second to none in Australia. Now a vermiculture consultant, who has advised on the setting up of a great many worm farms and worm-driven waste management systems, David lectures regularly to TAFE courses and has addressed seminars sponsored by organisations as diverse as the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science and the Institute of Engineers.

"David Murphy's book is timely" Dr Peter Ellyard, Former Executive Director of the Commission for the Future.

"Provides practical guidance," Dr Ken Lee, noted world authority on earthworms and retired CSIRO Head of Department.

"I urge you . . . to take its message to heart," Dr John Sabine, Vice-President, Waste Management Institute of Australia.

"David Murphy combines his own success as a worm farmer with his concern for the environment," John Buckerfield, CSIRO Experimental Scientist.

Softcover, 112 pages 

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