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Family Friendly Farming by Joel Salatin


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Family Friendly Farming by Joel Salatin

Joel calls this his soul book. Right now, four generations live at Polyface Farm. That requires vision, grace, and an attractive farming and business model. The subtitle, “A Multigenerational Home-Based Business Testament” delineates the far-reaching implications discussed in these pages.


It’s worth reading just for the 10 chapters titled “10 Commandments for Making Your Kids Love the Farm.” 

Whether you’re a butcher, baker, or candlestick maker, these principles and the accompanying stories will renew your commitment to all the values that matter most. This book even tackles numerous taboo topics, like inheritance and fussy dads. 


Known in his speeches for the statement:  “Unless we romance the next generation into farming, we aren’t sustainable,” Joel addresses those family business characteristics that glue parents and siblings together. 

Family Friendly Farming offers a solution for several critical issues:

  • The brightest and best young people flee farming, which creates an old codger, country bumpkin, redneck farmer stereotype.
  • The precious rural landscape is not cared for by passionate stewards, which places its care in the hands of destroyers.
  • Food is amalgamated, extruded, irradiated, consoliated, chlorinated, and genetically prostituted, which jeopardises the health of our grandchildren.
  • Electronic cubicles at the end of expressways rarely fulfil deep human yearnings for heritage, legacy, and family camaraderie.

Family friendly farming offers hope for stressed families, dissatisfied employees, and hurried-harried lifestyles. Based on his love affair with good farming, author Joel Salatin's principles apply to all entrepreneurial, family businesses

402 pages 


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