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The Energetic Goat by Carrie Eastman


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The Energetic Goat by Carrie Eastman

A practical guide to Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis & Dowsing for your Herd’s Health 

Holistic practitioners have been using contact reflex diagnosis, muscle testing, and dowsing to improve human health for centuries. For lifelong alternative medicine practitioner, the Author,  Carrie Eastman, applying these methods to her goat herd was just common sense. All living things are made up of electrical energy. 

The Energetic Goat provides step-by-step instruction on the basic techniques, including common variations, as well as guidance on how to adapt other techniques to suit your personal preferences. Newcomers to alternative veterinary medicine will find the many photographs, diagrams, and sample case histories particularly useful, while veteran practitioners will discover new tricks and techniques to add to their repertoire, from the never-before-in-print human reflex point chart (used for surrogate testing) to the cross-reference chart of common goat health problems and popular treatments.


ISBN 9781601731241


Softcover, 136 pages


About the author:

Carrie Eastman was drawn to animals and healing at a very young age. She graduated from Penn State in 1990 with honors B.S. in wildlife science and additional focused coursework in horse production and crop and soil sciences. Today Carrie continues to study health and healing, soils, crops and nutrition, as well as conscious horsemanship and balanced hoof trimming. In her spare time, she helps to keep the farm repaired, improves her building techniques, gardens, and tinkers with old machines. 

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